Terrorist attacks – Can you ever believe what you’re told

The London Bridge attack is the latest in a long line of demented assaults on the general public. I am not here to dispute the veracity of such horrors but the lack of sufficient evidence and the paucity of factual presentation by the authorities leaves the way open to at least severe analytical criticism and at worst claims of fake news.

In the case of the London Bridge/Borough Market attacks, there are several puzzling aspects to raise the question of how can you believe what you’re told although the hospital cases of treatment to 48 injured should be enough to satisfy any dubious mind.

That said, one particular matter is challenging. We are told that, having hit several pedestrians on the bridge, the savages leapt from the van and ran towards the market area attacking people as they went. On reaching the market they supposedly entered pubs and restaurants where they again attacked people and in one case having stabbed a young woman of about 17 retreated from a barrage of tables and chairs being thrown at them.

And all this in 8 minutes before the police arrived.

Yet, a short piece of mobile film shows the marauding thugs sauntering down the street like a couple of gun slingers in an old-fasioned cowboy. It just doesn’t add up.

The film doesn’t lie and it is all we have as actual evidence of the dreadful event. Everything else is hearsay and anecdotal. It is peculiar to note that other than this we haven’t a single piece of film of any of the victims yet everyone has a mobile phone.

The fact is, unless they were Zombies, if they drove at high speed across the bridge mowing people down, they would have been pumped up, leapt from the van (as we are told they are supposed to have done) and, in stabbing people as they went on their murderous way, would have been satisfied with the victims they hit in the immediate area. If the Borough Market was their target, they would have run to it – a distance of hundreds of yards – knowing or expecting the speed of police response – so they could carry on, and out, with their dastardly deed in the limited time they had, and we know they made aggressive attempts to do so in the pubs and restaurants are, YET, here we have a film showing 2 of the bastards strolling down the street like they haven’t a care in the world. There’s something of a disconnect here.

The general public deserve a better press, greater truth, more political honesty, facts, more investigative journalism of the type to be expected from one such as John Pilger, and, most of all, an explanation as to why it is that the attackers are always killed, never wounded and in the rarest case of being captured, as with Lee Rigby, we never see a court case, we never get satisfaction for their evil. Most of all, we are never kept abreast of the funerals of the murdered as if they never existed.


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