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At last! Someone articulates my thoughts, and those of all reasonable thinking people, on the Covid 19 scam reaction.




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The Workplace Psychopath

Some many years ago, my uncle, who worked with a major national newspaper since he was a boy and rose through the ranks as was normal then, to be a senior manager, heard a rumour in his workplace that was started by the Circulation Manager.

Now, what was not known by many was that my wonderful, decent and, usually, kind-hearted uncle was a boxer in his youth. When he heard the lie that was being spread about him, and notwithstanding his position in the company, he blew a fuse and went in search of the Circulation manager whom he eventually tracked down and met him in a corridor. He hit him fully in the face, which knocked his object off his feet. He picked him up and fearlessly pressed him to the wall and made it clear about his disapprobation of what he was hearing.

It was never heard of again. However, some months later, my uncle was informed by the directors that they were bringing in a newly ‘qualified’ accountant to whom, my uncle, despite his long service and ability at the job, would now have to report.

This was the work of the workplace psychopath.

To underpin the accusation, I had once been given some temp work in the Circulation department – a summer job arranged for me by my uncle – under the management of the same man. One morning, the said manager, on arrival at the right time and before taking off his coat, was engaged in conversation with one of his managers when, a few minutes later, a young messenger boy called Barthropp arrived in hurriedly. Stopped by the Psychopath who enquired why he was so late, was told by a trembling voice how sorry he was being late and that he had overslept. Why did you oversleep, asked the Psychopath, to which Barthropp – now almost crying with fear – said he was exhausted; tired from work. This perplexed the Psychopath who like toying with a mouse and clearly enjoying the public spectacle he was creating, pressed his victim further, and who fell for it by saying: “I need a holiday”.

It was grist to the mill. The Psychopath lost the plot and feigned anger as he shouted at his victim “What do you mean you need a holiday? I’ll see you get a holiday, a permanent one. Mr Smith get him his cards- he’s fired”.

That was a very long time ago and long before the advent of ‘health and safety’ and its other affects on employment and life. The rise of the Psycho in the workplace bas been all too evident since the commercialisation of education which has led to the ‘because I’m worth it’ generations. There are now so many Psychos that they have infiltrated every walk of life and, more worryingly, politics!

They operate solely for their own gain and feel absolutely nothing for the victims they produce. When caught out, and identified, they simply shrug like the rats they are having been snared in a trap, and move on to their next playground.

But returning to the story of my uncle, I met one of these dreadful dearies in my workplace a few decades later. He had been taken on for a temporary management assignment which was within my compass of responsibility but for which I was not directing. This gave the Psyco ample opportunity – which he took – to ingratiate himself with the md. Despite my wider brief of responsibility, his niche gave him important credence in the job in hand although it was within my purview.

One day a fellow director came to me and told me what the Psyco was saying about me behind my back. What was fending him off in his clear ambition was I was doing a very good job much appreciated by the powers that be to the extent it would take the psycho a lot longer than normal to achieve his objective – to take over from me!

However, being like my Uncle, I went looking for him. When I couldn’t locate him I wrote to him and told him of my displeasure at his conniving behaviour and if it happened again I’d throw him out the window of the high rise office building we were in and, as I had the keys to the place, it wouldn’t be a problem. I also copied it to all the directors including the md and personally delivered it to his office when I couldn’t find him yet again.

A short while later an assistant came to me to say the Psycho was hopping mad and looking for me on the warpath. I told the assistant to find him and say I was in the boardroom waiting for him. I went there immediately and placed myself so I was facing the double doors. When he burst into the room he was dazed with confusion by my placement which added to his perplexed livid shaking holding my letter in his hands. By the time I was finished with him, he knew his only option was to get out of the company asap.

The next day I was told by a colleague that the md was very unhappy with me for what I had done. For a moment I thought it was because of the boardroom antics I pulled on the Psycho but was briefly relieved to hear it was about the letter! The Psycho was too ashamed to report the boardroom incident which definitely would have got me fired but the letter was enough to set in train a series of actions that would lead to such circumstance anyway, over a period of time. So, it was a bit of history really repeating itself.

The Psycho moved on but the damage had been done. Today, they are riding the range and have ascended to the top, and society is all the worse for it as they have undermined every fabric of normality and human decency whilst proclaiming the opposite, which is their modus operandi.

It has led us to where we are today and, with that, the poison of our times – Covid!

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Is the Jury system well passed its sell-by date?

The jury system of justice whereby 12 citizens are selected from society to sit and listen to the evidence and come to a judgement as to whether the character in the dock is innocent or guilty, was first introduced in the 12th century by Henry ll to settle land disputes. It wasn’t introduced into New South Wales in Australia until 1824.

It has always stood on the basis that the accused should be judged by his peers and that the members of the jury should have no connection to the accused or foreknowledge of the case being judged.

In centuries past, these requirements could be easily met but in decades past they have been sorely tested and in the current century they are to be challenged as no longer being fit for purpose.

I say that because modern technology means we are bombarded with information which of course pre-informs us of everything we may be faced with cometh the hour we should be called to serve. Therefore we are predisposed to a view whatever the information provided by the defence.

So, what’s the answer?

Professional jurists.

Train people to be employed as a large collection or body of informed legal opinion to weigh up the information and form a judgement. They would be excluded from serving on a particular case if known to the accused. They would be on the jurist payroll. And they would be facing severe penalties if found to be unsuited to a case they claimed they were not. And before each case each of the chosen ones would be verified by an independent police committee.

Just another action we desperately need to take in these rapidly changing times that if we do not take such action on, we and or children will all be facing perilous times ahead.

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So, why the list of the SAGE group I last published?

Seems pointless doesn’t it? Well, yes and no. An awful lot of people read their horoscopes every day and even more don’t take them seriously – as they shouldn’t.

However, there is no question as to the veracity of character analysis which can be drawn from and associated with birth signs. And these are attributed to dates of birth.

Most people have no objection to their date of birth being known. And I have a major interest in it due to my ideas published in http://www.Astromagnetica.click

As you probably know, SAGE includes a psy-ops group of psychologists who have been directly responsible for putting the fear of God into the public over Covid. Now these people and scientists generally dismiss Astrology yet they are extremely fearful of it and so, rarely, do they allow publication of their dates of birth. Thus proving the efficacy of it and its accuracy in analysing them.

Despite wikipedia and other internet information vehicles who normally provide such information, SAGE, almost to a man and woman, with the notable exceptions of Whitty abd Vallance , prevent such information being found.

The list is so you can check it yourself.

After what they’ve caused to happen to the people and their civil rights and now their evil (I think) about vax passports, they should be forced by law to reveal their dates of birth.

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List of Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)

Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE)

SAGE provides scientific and technical advice to support government decision makers during emergencies. Find out more about SAGE.

Sir Patrick Vallance FMedSci FRSGovernment Chief Scientific Adviser (- – + -)
Professor Chris Whitty CB FMedSciChief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser, Department of Health and Social Care (+ – + +)
Professor Rebecca AllenUniversity of Oxford (? ? ? ?)
Professor John AstonChief Scientific Adviser, Home Office (? ? ? ?)
Professor Charles BanghamImperial College London (? ? ? ?)
Professor Wendy Barclay FMedSciImperial College London (? ? ? ?)
Professor Jonathan BengerUWE Bristol (? ? ? ?)
Fliss BenneeWelsh Government (? ? ? ?)
Mr Allan BennettPublic Health England (? ? ? ?)
Professor Phil BlytheChief Scientific Adviser, Department for Transport (? ? ? ?)
Professor Chris BonnellLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (? ? ? ?)
Professor Sir Ian Boyd FRSEUniversity of St Andrews (+ + – +)
Professor Peter BruceUniversity of Oxford (+ + + -)
Caroline CakeHDR-UK (? ? ? ?)
Professor Andrew CurranChief Scientific Adviser, Health and Safety Executive
(? ? ? ?)
Professor Paul CosfordPublic Health England (+ – – – )
Dr Gavin DabreraPublic Health England (? ? ? ?)
Professor Sir Ian Diamond FRSE FBANational Statistician, Office for National Statistics (? ? ? ?)
Professor Yvonne Doyle CBMedical Director, Public Health England (- – + +)
Professor Deborah Dunn-WaltersUniversity of Surrey (? ? ? ?)
Professor John Edmunds OBE FMedSciLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (? ? ? ?)
Professor Sir Jeremy Farrar FMedSci FRSDirector, Wellcome Trust (? ? + -)
Professor Michael FergusonUniversity of Dundee (+ + + -)
Professor Neil Ferguson OBE FMedSciImperial College London (? ? – +)
Professor Kevin FentonPublic Health England
Dr Aidan Fowler FRCSNational Health Service England
Professor Julia GogUniversity of Cambridge
Professor Robin GrimesChief Scientific Adviser, Ministry of Defence
Dr Ian HallUniversity of Manchester
Dr David HalpernBehavioural Insights Team, Cabinet Office
Dido HardingNHSI
Dr Jenny Harries OBEDeputy Chief Medical Officer
Dr Demis Hassabis FRSPersonal capacity as a data scientist
Professor Andrew HaywardUCL
Professor Gideon HendersonChief Scientific Adviser, Defra
Professor Peter HorbyUniversity of Oxford
Professor Anne JohnsonUCL
Dr Indra JoshiNHSx
Professor Kamlesh KhuntiUniversity of Leicester
Dr Ben KillingleyUCLH
Professor David LallooLiverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Professor Janet LordUniversity of Birmingham
Professor Dame Theresa Marteau FMedSciUniversity of Cambridge
Professor Dame Angela McLean FRSChief Scientific Adviser, Ministry of Defence
Dr Jim McMenaminHealth Protection Scotland
Professor Graham MedleyLondon School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Dr Laura MersonUniversity of Oxford
Professor Susan Michie FAcSS FMedSciUniversity College London
Professor Christine MiddlemissChief Veterinary Officer
Professor Andrew Morris FMedSci FRSEUniversity of Edinburgh
Professor Paul MossUniversity of Birmingham
Professor Carole MundellChief Scientific Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Professor Cath NoakesUniversity of Leeds
Dr Rob OrfordWelsh Government
Professor Michael ParkerUniversity of Oxford
Professor Sharon Peacock FMedSciPublic Health England
Professor Alan PennChief Scientific Adviser, Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
Dr Pasi PenttinenEuropean Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Professor Guy PoppyChief Scientific Adviser, Food Standards Agency
Professor Steve Powis FRCPNational Health Service England
Dr Mike PrenticeNational Health Service England
Mr Osama RahmanChief Scientific Adviser, Department for Education
Professor Venki Ramakrishnan PRSEx Officio as Chair of DELVE, convened by the Royal Society
Professor Andrew Rambaut FRSEUniversity of Edinburgh
Professor Tom RoddenChief Scientific Adviser, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
Professor Brooke Rogers OBEKings College London
Dr Cathy RothDepartment for International Development
David SeymourHDR-UK
Professor Sheila Rowan MBE FRS FRSEChief Scientific Adviser, Scotland
Alaster SmithDepartment for Education
Professor Iyiola SolankeUniversity of Leeds
Dr Nicola SteedmanScottish Government
Dr James RubinKings College London
Professor Calum SempleUniversity of Liverpool
Dr Mike Short CBEChief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Trade
Dr Gregor SmithScottish Government Chief Medical Officer
Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter FRSUniversity of Cambridge
Professor Jonathan Van Tam MBEDeputy Chief Medical Officer
Professor Russell Viner PRCPCHUniversity College London
Professor Charlotte Watts CMG FMedSciChief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Development
Dr Rhoswyn WalkerHDR-UK
Professor Sir Mark Walport FRCP FMedSci FRSUK Research and Innovation
Professor Mark WilcoxUniversity of Leeds
Professor Lucy Yardley FAcSSUniversity of Bristol and University of Southampton
Professor Ian YoungNorthern Ireland Executive
Professor Maria Zambon FMedSciPublic Health England

Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B)

Professor Richard AmlôtPublic Health England
Professor Imran AwanBirmingham City University
Professor Laura BearLondon School of Economics
Professor Chris BonnellLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Dr Ellen Brooks-PollockUniversity of Bristol
Professor Val CurtisLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Professor Stephen David ReicherUniversity of St Andrews
Dr Laura de MoliereHer Majesty’s Government
Professor John DruryUniversity of Sussex
Dr Mark EganBehavioural Insights Team
Professor Nicola FearKings College London
Dr David HalpernBehavioural Insights Team
Mr Hugo HarperBehavioural Insights Team
Professor Gerard HastingsUniversity of Stirling
Professor Ann JohnSwansea University
Dr Atiya KamalBirmingham City University
Dr Daniel LeightleyKings College London
Professor Dame Theresa MarteauUniversity of Cambridge
Mr Shaun McNallyHer Majesty’s Government
Professor G.J. Melendez-TorresUniversity of Exeter
Professor Susan MichieUniversity College London
Dr Gavin MorganUniversity College London
DCC Paul NethertonDevon and Cornwall Police
Professor Melissa ParkerLSHTM
Professor Michael ParkerUniversity of Oxford
Mr Richard PembertonBritish Psychological Society
Dr Henry PottsUniversity College London
Professor Subhash PokhrelBrunel University
Dr Lorna RiddleHer Majesty’s Government
Professor Brooke RogersKings College London
Dr James RubinKings College London
Ms Kathryn ScottBritish Psychological Society
Dr Louise SmithKings College London
Professor Iyiola SolankeUniversity of Leeds
Mr Hugh SticklandOffice for National Statistics
Professor Clifford StottKeele University
Dr Tushna VandrevalaKingston University
Professor Russell VinerUniversity College London
Dr Jo WallerKings College London
Professor Charlotte WattsChief Scientific Adviser, Department for International Development
Professor Robert WestUniversity College London
Professor Lucy YardleyUniversity of Bristol and University of Southampton
Plus 4 who refue to be named.
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Hooray! Here’s comes the Covid Cavalry – Vaccines boys, hooray! But…..

NOTE: THIS ITEM WAS CREATED IN THE SUMMER OF 2020 BUT HELD POST TEMP. Makes all the more interesting reading!

Britain announced agreement to Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines being used immediately before anyone else in the world. There are a number of others almost ready to hit the market but the Pfizer on has yet to be approved by the EU, requires 2 doses per person and a rollout that will require quite some engineering arangement. In fact, initial batch of 800,000 – enough for 400,000 people – is on its way from Belgium.

The irony couldn’t be more evident. We formally and finally – and so far without a deal – extricate ourselves from the grip of EU in 28 days from now and yet, the first vaccine is being produced and delivered fro Belgium and without the approval of the EU for itself.

But, there is a much more important matter to bring to your attention. The government have announced that the first issue with be to frontline staff and people in care homes. In fact, this has been readdressed to this statement from the BMA:

“Eligible patients will be confirmed soon, but are expected to be in line with the latest JCVI (joint committee on vaccination and immunisation) recommendations

Similar to the flu groups, they include:

  • all over the age of 50
  • those at high risk
  • care home residents and staff
  • all health and care workers (although it is unlikely that general practice will be required to deliver to all health and care staff who may get it from their employer).

The high priority groups will be vaccinated first, and as the vaccine becomes more available, practices will be able to provide this to increasing numbers.”

Now, here’s a thing. There are 410,000 residents in Care Homes in the UK it is estimated. Staffing in 11,200 homes at say a minimum of 10 means another 112,000 people. Then there’s the frontline NHS, those at risk in the community, and all those over 50 which you can immediately see shows there’s not enough of the initial batch of vaccines.

No one knows when the next batch will be available. My concern is not of the delivery of it or even its distribution but its content I am not an anti-vaxxer nor a conspiracy nut but I have shades of those qualities for, as Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind said: “I don’t believe believe anything until I’ve seen it twice and read it three times”, to paraphrase him.

I worry about the authorities who have unbridled greed to dominate with impunity and to lord it over everyone and do everything to remain in glorious power. It doesn’t matter whether they are democrats, monsters, emporers, totalitarian regimes or dictators, they’r all the same and not for a second must any of them be trusted.

And so I say to you, treat everything they say with pinch of salt. They swear that in our democratic arenas, at least, they will not be forcing people to take the jab. But thre are other far more subtle ways to get your own way. And trust me, their own way is to make everyone get the jab. It’s part of the hidden hand in the glove of the hidden agenda.

What you can expect them to do over Covid (flu with a twist) is slyly impose co-operation on everyone through business. You won’t be able to go to pub or club without having had the vaccine. You won’t be able to go on holiday or a business trip abroad or visit an airport unless you’ve had the vaccine. You won’t be able to get a job or keep a job with it. You won’t be able to go to hospital, school, university either or visit your doctor or old people’s home without it. Frankly, there’ll be so little you’ll be able to do you’ll simply be in a gulag of isolation you’ll be screaming but it will be your choice. Beautiful, eh?

And sure how will they do that, I hear you say. Will we have membership cards or certificates or something? No, I doubt that very much – too oldy worldy. It could be an injection of a vaccination with a micro chip. After all, we’ve had certain clubs around the world doing just that for several years. What happens is a Radio Frequency IDentification chip (RFID) which is like a barcoder is injected under the skin of the hand and after that it gets you into the club naked if you want. It has your details and you can buy everything waving your hand. Two problems with that. Firstly, although the chip is barely the size of a grain of rice, it’s still large enough to be seen protruding from under the skin and secondly, it’s an awkward procedure that no one in their mind would undergo as part of a mass programme.

And then I read that the NHS have a new method for detecting bowel cancer – by putting a camera inside a pill that you swallow! Boom! Boom!

No, here’s the way they could and might (probably) do it. Using the injector itself. As the vaccine is injected at the tip/edge of the ‘throwaway’ injector is a unique ‘inc’ number.

As the chinese say: “may you live in interesting times” and we certainly are now.

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I believed that only I thought this, but here it is better articulated for YOU to UNDERSTAND

PCR Test for Coronavirus Questioned by Prominent Scientists https://tinyurl.com/y8vknrzp

Oxford Professor Heneghan & PCR Cycle Thresholds https://tinyurl.com/yd4gondr

The Scam Has Been Confirmed: PCR Does Not Detect SARS-CoV-2 https://tinyurl.com/y7ejntaz

COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens https://tinyurl.com/yd3nx2a5

Landmark Study Finds Masks Are Ineffective https://tinyurl.com/y4h2d6ex

Masks Delay Inevitable Acceptance of COVID-19 Reality https://tinyurl.com/y4stwelo

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Miracle preventative cure called TAFFIX for Covid 19 and all flu conditions

Big Brother has taken over. In the face of the so-called ‘pandemic’, which is all but a flu with a twist, an Israeli company produced a nasal spray called Taffix which they say has a 99% effectiveness in preventing Covid/flu. I fully endorse this product as a user myself. I might say at this juncture that another ‘miracle’ existing cure as opposed to preventative for Covid/flu is a 40 year old product called IVERMECTIN but I’ll leave that for you to find out about. However, what these two prodts have in common is that the world health agencies and Big Pharma are strikingly doing all they can to queer the pitch by decrying their efficacies.

A few days ago, I received this email from Amazon through whom I had purchased a quantity of Taffix. It shows you just how deliberately intentional the Health Agencies are opposed to health not financially embedded in their queer approach:-



The Spanish Agency for Medicine and Health Products (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios or AEMPS) has published a safety notification about the below product that you have bought on Amazon.co.uk due to the risk of non-compliance (does not meet health and safety regulations).

Taffix Nasal Powder Spray 1000mg Pack of 4

Batches impacted:

Expiration dates impacted:

Please do not use the affected product. If you bought this item for someone else, share this email with them.

To contact your Seller, click on the following link: XXXXXXXXXX (amazon)

Please allow up to 2 business days for the seller to respond to your e-mail.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you but trust you will understand that the safety and satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.



But I wrote to Nasus Pharma whose reply I state hereunder:-

Safety of Taffix reaffirmed

 A leading biopharma company and makers of rapid delivery innovation for life-saving medicines – Nasus Pharma – stands behind its nasal spray, Taffix, reassuring the public of its safety and clinical efficacy. Taffix is built on an existing, proven, medical technology, which is already used in many nasal sprays to combat allergies and the common cold viruses 

Contrary to the wording in an email regarding Taffix Nasal Spray sent to customers in some countries by a retail company selling the product, Taffix is totally safe and legitimately available for sale in Europe by reference to its valid European Conformity market

Dr Dalia Megiddo, co-founder and chief executive officer of Nasus Pharma, stresses: “Taffix is safe and legally marketed in Europe under CE certification as an over-the-counter general medical device  product. It is indicated for the use as a protective mechanical barrier against allergens and viruses (included SARS-CoV-2) within the nasal cavity. It provides a safe, simple and effective way to substantially reduce the risk of catching COVID-19.  Manufactured to the strictest of compliance to all regulatory requirements, Taffix has been used by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe and there have been no health or safety concerns reported in relation to its intended conditions of use.

“Confusion has arisen because the Spanish authorities have taken the view  that Taffix should be classified as a Medical Device Class III and not Class I product in Spain. This opinion is not consistent with of the classification position of the countries within the European Union (EU) and of every country in the world that has approved Taffix. While we respect the Spanish Ministry position we  do not agree with it .  Guided by all the experts we work with, we do not accept the validity of the Spanish Agency’s assessment and will be working closely with the authority on this matter. 

Dr Dalia Megiddo adds: “As a company, safety and clinical efficacy is best practice which is why we have tested Taffix thoroughly.  That’s why laboratory tests confirm that Taffix destroys up to 99% of the coronavirus and a real-world user survey involving a super-spreader event found the spray reduced the risk of infection by 78%.”

Sold in over 20 countries across Europe, America, Asia and Africa, Taffix is not a replacement for masks, it is an additional layer of self-care protection, particularly useful in high-risk settings such as any enclosed space.”

March 17th 2021

Nasus Pharma Ltd.

Taffix is a great product and addition to anyone’s health care products in my opinion.

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Ever heard of ‘Common Purpose’?

My daughter who works for a well-known leading international company told me that she had to conduct some interviews for an important position in her arena. She wasn’t allowed to know the name of the person, the gender of the person, the date of birth of the person, the identity of the person or any identifying features of the applicant that may sway her from deciding to interview that person. In other words, removal of all bias if at all possible.

Sounds kind of noble don’t you think?

Eradicating such perceived evil biases is a thing to be hailed. Or is it?

I come from a generation where biases were as normal as breathing. And it didn’t bother us. In England, in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, there was a notice in many a boarding house window that said ‘no Irish, no blacks and no dogs’. What’s never clarified about this statement is that the boarding house lady – mainly – owners were protective of their dwellings from Irish navies who, in the main, were building Britains roads and moved constantly from place to place rarely having the opportunity to clean themselves up and the owners of the houses were fearful of the dirt they would bring to their dwellings. In the case of dogs, many a traveller would have one and with it all a dog does so they didn’t want them either. In the case of Black people (there were very few if any at the time who were coloured) the landladies had never seen the likes of a black person and were afraid of their lives of them – stupidly – and many of these wonderful and colourful people were invited to a ‘white country’ that few had ever seen a black person before in…not even on the big screen!

I’m a very proud Irishman and I declare I never had or heard of any such problem ever. Of course, there were the jokes and the underhand ribbing or remarks below the belt in heated moments but all par for the course and no offence was ever taken but sure ’twas the same back! Great fun and no one ever took humbrage. It was the norm of the times. Paddy, Tommy, Taffy and Jock!

One day I went for a job in the City of London and arrived at the fork in the road between Threadneedle Street on one side and Cornhill on the other. It was mayhem all around as I emanated from Bank station with brolly carrying, bowler-hatted, pinstripe-suited, paper-under-the-arm-carrying gentlemen rushing hither and thither and numberous ‘messengers’ pushing trolleys of boxes of important papers twixt the bank of England and the ‘large houses of commerce’. I was sporting an unkempt appearance of an uncut wild Irish head of hair, a desperate mad beard, a white suit and dirty brown shoes like I had just come from a safari. The position was a very senior one that I was to be interviewd for. Moreover, it was at the grandest address in one of the grandest streets in the Kingdom let alone the City. When I entered the building, I was greated with a look of disdain by the Head Porter who sniffly enquired what my business was? I informed him and he said he would announce me. Meanwhile I needed the jax! (toilet in Irish). He ushered me to the basement where the most elegant toilet I had ever been in was before me. After my presentation there, I began to wash my hands in the front of the mirror without realising that the washbowl was kidney shaped and as I turned on the tap which made the gushing of Mount Vesuvius sound and look childish, it shot into the bowl in slow motion, swirled swifttly up into the air and in the front of the mirror drained all down the front and inside leg of my white suit. Great panic ensued as I did my best to not scream as I realised I was now late for my appointment. I beat the bejabbers out of my inside leg to try and dry it. I stuck my leg up under the air dryer without much success. I used the paper hankies – no use. I gave up and ascended the stairs like a man condemned to the gallows to be met by yerman at the door whose look at me for being late said it all and made worse when he saw my trouser leg. The state of me.

Despite everything, I got the job!

The person, whose senior role I was taking over was unsurprisingly (given my presentation) completely opposed to me but the person who was the main interviewer decided he liked me because of that and that I was completely different for the world I was entering. As an addendum to this story, when I turned up several weeks later to begin my job, he was shocked to find me as a brolly-carrying, bowler-hatted, pinstripe-suited, paper-under-the-arm-carrying gentlemen and clean-shaven to boot that he didn’t recognise me initially. Crest-fallen, as he was, it took him days to get over it.

And so we come to ‘Common Purpose’.

Have you ever heard of it?

You are already suffering from it.

Common Purpose has charitable status and was set up in 1989 by one Julia Middleton as ‘a leadership development programme’. It is said that “Common Purpose runs a range of leadership development courses around the world that develop leaders who can cross boundaries, building their capabilities to solve complex problems both in organisations and in cities. Since 1989, more than 85,000 people have taken part in Common Purpose programmes”. As for Middleton, she was a graduate of the London School of Economics. Amongst her many connections she also helped in the founding of DEMOS, a UK-based think tank and Impetus Trust, which develops venture philanthropy in the UK. Grand cover for what meaning?

The slogan of Common Purpose is “We develop leaders who can cross boundaries”.

If you ever wondered why the police service is run the way it is (as badly as it is and only graduates and no one rises from the ranks anymore with all the skill that brings, or the health service, or certain businesses, or organisations you can look no further because all the WOKE in the world is from this kind of would-be thoughtful orifice. They have been ‘educating’ – I would say course directing – according to a hidden objective at the top that will be made to infiltrate through the organisation into society itself. And it has been set up with government funds. Our tax.

They want you to think in a certain way and when you are ‘placed’ in the lead status of the hierarchy of your situation others will be expected to join with you through Common Purpose and deliver the ‘message’ of what’s good and what’s bad and woe betide anyone then who dares challenge by word or action the delivered message of behaviour. And so, slowly slowly catchy monkey, now some 30 years in its operation we, the non-common purpose, common people, are the receivers of its lunacy. We see it in every place we look, in every operation of governmental and non-governmental thought and behaviour. We see it in the courts, the judiciary, the police and the prison service. We see in corporations and businesses. We see it in government and government led institutions. We feel it in our lives like blood running through our veins. And it has had the most pernicious affect on human life ever descended upon us since the fall of communism. And it will lead ultimately to our democratic imprisonment as, even now, we are under the suspicion always of the thought police, the Woke society, the looney left ideologies, and the stupidity of what they alone think is ‘rightful’.

The rights of man must be upheld against such attack on his sovereign state. They are changing our language, our terms of reference and our legal rights. We are very close now to losing what we think we are in possession of, which is living under the freedom of common law as determined by King Henry 11 in the 12th century. Surreptiously, over the last 200 years, it has been supplanted by Corporation Law. Now in a dash for the line, under common purpose.

Towit, it may well come as a suprise to you to know that when a police officer announces he is charging you with something, he ends it by always saying “Do you understand?” This does not mean what you might think nor ordinarily could you be forgiven for thinking as you most likely do that he is isn’t asking ‘do you understand that you are being charged under corpporation law?’ and not ‘ do you understand what I’ve just said?’ in case you’re a bit stupid and he didn’t explain the charges well enough. Bring back the days of Kojak for the love of God. The reason why this is so precise is that if you say ‘yes’ or ‘yes, I do understand’ you are agreeing to be charged as a corporation and, as such, under corporation law. If you say ‘no’ or ‘no, I do not understand’ or ‘no, I want to be charged under common law’, they cannot proceed to bring you to court and if they do you can’t be judged! This is one of the developments that have sneakily got tighter and tighter over our rights as citizens for, when you are born, and the birth is registered, you are enabled and recognisable as a private corporation from then on and because you were able to make that decision yourself you still have the power to demancd you be treated under common law as a common law citizen, as a common man as declared in the Domesday Book. You are a free man, not a corporation?

Common Purpose is one of those pitiable groups and quangos whose efforts have been shown to undermine our rights as common people by insisting we can’t do or be this, that or the other. That we must think this way, that way or the other way. That we must use new terms such as Ms and, soon, not at all, as they remove our common law right of title, as firstname and lastname knowing that our title of Mr Mrs Master Miss Doctor Prof or whatever, is a barrier to their determinations to remove our citizens’ rights as free indiviuals rather than be treated as entities of a corporation.

Common Purpose thinking and its ilk is the reason GP’s can’t practice medicine anymore like they used to; why children are being taught like minions and automatons under the guise of unification of thought (as in Shanghai Maths introduced in 2016 British schools to the children’s detriment); why police men and women are no longer like Dixon of Dock Green with a friendly ‘hello, hello, hello what have we got here then?’; why the NHS isn’t being run by people who know what they are doing…as in practioners and front line experts; why there are know-it-all quangos everywhere for everything and why governments can no longer claim to be governments on behalf of the people – they are now in fact our elected jailers ensuring we toe the line of Common Purpose as has been seen in the management of Covid.

There is much more to be said but I leave it to you, dear reader, to bother to find it out for yourself as it is that vitally important that you should, should ever wish to be properly ‘woke’ up!

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Can anyone please explain this about Covid 19?

I first heard of Covid 19, in late November 2019 when an English teacher in China reported in a video that he had been taken extremely ill late in October and remarked that a lot of people around him had suffered similarly but no one knew what caused it. At the same time, literally, a global pandemic exercise called Event 201 was being held in The Pierre Hotel in New York under the auspices of The John Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was described thus:

Event 201 was a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.

The exercise consisted of pre-recorded news broadcasts, live “staff” briefings, and moderated discussions on specific topics. These issues were carefully designed in a compelling narrative that educated the participants and the audience.

Three months later the world was in distress and the WHO issued instructions as to the action tneeded to be taken by their regional directors. Western governments idiotically called for lockdowns against all advice to the contrary, fearful as they said they were of the virus causing a pandemic which it did anyway. Seeing the problems exacerbated in Northern Italy and Eastern Spain with great numbers of elderly people dying, the ‘virus’ was helped to spread by the free movement of people ‘carrying the virus’.

  1. How timely that there was such a meeting as Event 201 immediately before the outbreak. Coincidence?
  2. Why is it that a virus causing a pandemic can be so discriminating as to ‘select’ people?
  3. Why did and do lockdowns persist to be used against the people when they do not work? For example, Sweden no lockdown life as normal outcome better than most. Florida, no lockdown and outcome no worse than California with a FULL lockdown.
  4. Why is it that every country in the top 10 at all times has the same outcome in mortality and infection rates in percentage terms relevant to population numbers (i.e. circa 0.1% at best)
  5. Why were the vaccine manufacturers granted worldwide immunity from prosecution in the even of vaccine failure in the manner of injury or death for their early rollout when neither have they been tested nor has mRNA ever been used before and proving efficacy normally takes 10 years.
  6. How is it possible that India with its enormous population has comparatively fewer deaths or infection rates?
  7. Why has no one noticed that whether there’s a lockdown in a country or not, the virus returns in the winter and declines in the summer just as all viruses do?
  8. Why is this virus treated differently to any other such flu like condition irrespective of its transmission?
  9. Why is that earlier pandemics such as the one in 1968 which killed masses of the world’s population who ignored it and just got on with life, are ignored for the draconian measures employed to destroy economies, education, lives and masses more people condemned to death from diseases that can’t be dealt with in a timely fashion now because of the commitment to Covid?
  10. And why did the British government who were the beneficiaries in 2016 of a detailed report on how to deal with a pandemic such as Covid 19 completely ignore the actions the report set out WHICH INCLUDED NO LOCKDOWNS?

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Really – enough of this Covid-19 drama. Time to wake up.

January 2021 and we’re all wandering around as if we are survivors on the doomed ship Poseidon waiting to be rescued or to find the way out little realising the ship is upside down and the way out is to go up to the bottom not down to the top. So, please, here’s a lesson in the so-called pandemic that may help you to see the truth, and the wood from the trees, and make you aware that you are simply bloody stupid.

First of all, let’s bring the would-be famous Dr Fauci of America into the picture. Shortly after the pandemic (hate that word in this context but…) hit the US, the following was published in the highly respected Newsweek Magazine:-
“… last year, (2019) the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the organization led by Dr. Fauci, funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other institutions for work on gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses. In 2019, with the backing of NIAID, the National Institutes of Health committed $3.7 million over six years for research that included some gain-of-function work. The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019, bringing the total to $7.4 million.

Many scientists have criticized gain of function research, which involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans, because it creates a risk of starting a pandemic from accidental release.

SARS-CoV-2 , the virus now causing a global pandemic, is believed to have originated in bats. U.S. intelligence, after originally asserting that the coronavirus had occurred naturally, conceded last month that the pandemic may have originated in a leak from the Wuhan lab. (At this point most scientists say it’s possible—but not likely—that the pandemic virus was engineered or manipulated.)”

See the article here – https://www.newsweek.com/dr-fauci-backed-controversial-wuhan-lab-millions-us-dollars-risky-coronavirus-research-1500741

It is noteworthy that the action of Dr. Fauci was against US and international law because it was tampering and illegally manipulating DNA in humans to the disgruntlement of the scientific community. In other words, playing God. So that is why it was delegated to China to do this work as thy did not and do not subscribe to such ‘delicate feelings’.

In 1918, there was a glorious pandemic in which more than an estimated 50 million people died world wide. It was a real true-blue flu with a twist to be called ‘Viral pandemic’. The population of the world at the time was a mere 1.8 billion people. By the end of the 1940’s the population had risen to 2.1 billion. Today, in 2021, we are close to 8 billion.



So, let me repeat for your edification and education, that in


In other words, 25 times more people died in 1918 in a world population that was 4 times smaller than today!

Eh!, excuse me, but what the hell is going on here! We have destroyed millions of lives and livelihoods as yet to be evaluated, billions of people’s values, jobs, education, futures, normalities, hopes, dreams and freedom. For what? Where has this kind of thinking come from?

Ah! well, therein lies a tale to be told.

But first let me make something absolutely clear. Whether it has been in Ireland, the UK, Sweden or most other countries and even the US with the supposedly highest death toll, FEW HAVE ACHIEVED A DEATH RATE OF EVEN 0.1% OF THEIR POPULATION and this is after nearly 10 months!!! and they’ve conflated Flu with Covid-19. (According to Ireland they’ve had no flu this year! – Tsk! I know, please, humour me, you couldn’t make it up)!

Boing! some of you are thinking 1% aren’t you? Well, 1% of the US poplation would be over 3.3 million or of the UK it would be 680 thousand. So, no, I didn’t say 1% or even just under 1%, I said 0.1% which is 10% of 1%. To labour the point, here’s some examples as of today’s date and assuming they all died directly from Covid and absolutely PURE COVID and had no underlying reasons such as age or comorbidity or other ailments or peculiarities…

Covid-19 Comparative death rates

According to the media it’s absolutely rampaging over Brazil but it’s the same as the above, even somewhat lower than the worst, i.e. 0.09%. And what of the most densely populated countries like India where it should be completely off the scale if its a seriously contagious virus as we’re told to believe. Not a word of it. India has a population of 1,386,826,962 (that’s 1.3 BILLION by the way) and a hardly recognizable Covid-19 death number of 149,458 providing a percentage so low I can’t get my calculator to work it out but it’s about 0.001%.

You can see the patterns. It has been the same every month since the beginning. Now, in a pandemic, how on God’s Green earth can that be possible. It’s only to be found in a book or a film. You just can’t make it up. If it’s truly dangerous, a contagious ‘virus’, it can’t possibly exist in similar numbers of death, in similar ways, and similar contagion in every country at the same time.

I just want to explode! We need mindfulness not mindlessness!. Something’s rotten in the state of “…” (Hamlet)

So, here’s the coup de gras! Be afraid, be very, very afraid for what I will reveal to you should make you jump up with alertness as if from a dream. ‘They‘ got away with the death of Kennedy. ‘They‘ got away with the destruction of the Middle East, specifically Egypt and Libya. ‘They‘ got away more infamously with 9/11 but, truly, can they be allowed to get away with Coronavirus 19 when you read what I shall now reveal to you over and above what I have already told you?

Geoffrey Tucker, a member of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), in his book, Liberty or Lockdown, in a chapter entitled ‘The 2007 Origins of Forced School Closings and Mandatory Human Separation’ points out that after George W. Bush, the pathetic US president and PNAC stooly and, without doubt, the biggest dummy American President ever, in 2006, responded to the idea of a possible biowarfare proposed by an idiot computer scientist by asking “Geez, whaarwegonardo if we’re attacked li’ thayat?” That scientist was Robert Glass whose daughter had completed a high school science fair project which suggested the answers to such a hell!

The Glass proposal satisfied an elementary but temporary demand on his ‘intellect’ in response to the dickhead Bush BUT it wasn’t just left there. No, no , no. “The blueprint document – more moderate than the glass paper but still draconian” was issued in FEBRUARY 2007 as “The Interim Pre-pandemic Planning Guidance: Community Strategy for Pandemic Influenza Mitigation in the United States – Early Targeted Layered Use of Nonpharmaceutical Interventions”.

From that document we get Targeted Layered Containment (TLC); Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI’s); and ‘Distancing’, ‘Flatten the Curve’.

Jeremy Tucker also says: “The document didn’t push a hard lockdown but it did call for closure of all schools and large events, in addition to…”

Voluntary home quarantine of members of households with confirmed or probable influenza case(s) and consideration of combining this intervention with the prophylactic use of anti-viral medications, providing sufficient quantities of effective medications and that a feasible means of distributing them is in place”

How on Earth did this become the mantra of governments world wide BEFORE America even acknowledged (through Trump) that there was a pandemic? How could they have possibly known of these ‘American’ measures and plans written up so long ago (13 years earlier!!!) for their ‘own‘ country could be enacted upon to the letter everywhere else and before them…?

I rest my case. Open up and get The Hague ready for the people’s charges against governments for acting against the interests and rights of humanity.

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Christmas screams behind closed doors

Look carefully at this picture.

It was put out on twitter today, 20th December 2020. Someone unidentified has taken it and wanted us to see what is going on in Downing Street. As you can tell, it was taken some weeks ago before Cummings and Cain left the building. Hancock is standing back with his arms folded as if to say ‘well you can tell the prime minister but I’m not going to’ as Whitty thumps his fist on the table and looks angrily at a chastened Johnson as if being scolded by a headmaster at his beloved Eton. Both Cummings and Cain act non-plussed.

Whitty has always appeared as if he’s the quiet man but here he exposes his real character behind the veil. Now, that reminds me of an Adolf Hitler type reaction to when he was told there were no more tanks outside the bunker. And oddly enough, Whitty and Hitler share the same astrological month of April on the 21st and 20th of April respectively – Taurus, the bull. I slightly hesitate to mention this but Oliver Cromwell was born on 25th of April also and we all know what he did to Christmas. I say ‘slightly’ because due to changes in the gregorian calendar I think Cromwell had the actual same birthday as one of these two.

Now, Johnson has sealed his fate in history. The man who stole christmas from children, families and the old and frail, and all, no doubt, at the insistence of the madness of Whitty (as SAGE), dubious science and many u-turns.

But there’s more to Whitty than meets the eye, as this picture brilliantly exposes. He is the regional director of the World Health Organisation. They are heavily funded by Gates and they have long been discredited by many who know more as to what Gates is attempting to achieve, medically, worldwide. That is for another time and another place.

What the picture reveals is that it’s one man’s job (Whitty) as Director of WHO against another man’s job (Johnson) as prime minister and another man’s job (Hancock) as cabinet minister, on the line.

It should never, ever, ever be like this. Hopefully, when this blows over, we will see a whole new raft of beginnings in the way our country is run and managed and christmas can again be celebrated by children, families and the frail without fear of state thuggery.

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Some Covid-19 reality – a possible edition of Schitt’s Creek

I’m very scared to find in my daily life, not to mention the masses in general, such fearful ignorance of the facts and truth about Covid-19. So, if you have a brain cell and can keep it open so your mind can breathe, take some of this in.

The powers that be in the US, for example, have been dramatising the number of eople who are said to have died so far from Covid-19. Notwithstanding that I might happily take issue that they actually died from Covid rather than with it, let me park that accep the figure we’ve been given. As of today 20 November 2020, it is 256,262. The population of the United States is 331,748,767.

For those who are clearly not mathematically inclined let me show you what this means

10% of 331,748,767 population = 31,748,767
10% of 31,748,767 = 3,174,876
10% of 10% = 1%
So, from another angle, to prove: 1% of 331,748,767 population = 3,174,876 people. Still far too much, we need to go further. What are we down to again? 1%? Ok.

To make it easier let’s pretend the total population is 3,174,876 (i.e.1%)
10% of 1% = 0.1% which is 10% of 3,174,876 = 317,487.
That is 1/1000th of the total population

Hold on, how many did you say died from Covid? 252,262. Huh! So what percentage of the population 331,748,767 is that exactly?

It is 0.076% which is three-quarters of 1/10th of 1%. Negligible. Read it again.

This Covid death percentage of the population is the same number per head as it is in the UK, France and other countries. So what’s all crying about America being the worst. Balderdash!

As I don’t have the figures for the US, let me point out a salient FACT to you about the UK numbers.

Government figures show that between 1 January 2020 and 31 August 2020, 70,000+ people have died from flu and pneumonia but only 50,000+ people have died from Covid 19 between April and November!

It will be the same in the US and everywhere else. They’re just not reporting flu and pneumonia. Instead they’re trying to just frighten the people to death.

And by all accounts, they sure are doing a grand job.

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Media fools who have no idea adding fuel to the fire of fear

If there’s one thing that has caused me mental stress it’s the media fools spouting rubbish about Covid 19. There has been a couple of worthy exceptions to this – Julia Hartley-Brewer and Mike Graham, both of whom have been exceptional in their criticism of what is, frankly, the scam of the centuries – Nazi-ism aside.

Orwell’s 1984 has come to pass in the dreadful behaviour of the British government in dealing with what they’ve called a pandemic. Other governments too all copying each other.

But the recent quietly announced statement that the government were giving £30m to set up a special Covid facility at Porton Down to do blood tests should have sent shivers down the backs of the British population. It immediately rang alarm bells – Covid is a bioweapon.

First, let me point out a few salient facts as I have done before:

1. China released the dna code in Jan 2020. Why would a code be necessary for a respiratory virus?

2. Lockdowns, mask-wearing and draconian measures by the state have been the greater threat than any virus to the population.

3. That if it was truly what they said, all medical measures and efforts would be appreciated and practiced by the medical profession. It wasn’t. Psychologists and mad computer scientists held the government in thrall – falsely!

4. By far, the worst culprits in this shameful and sham event were the 99% media who acted as the propagandists of it. Hardly any investigative journalism at all and fear-mongering in all its glory instead.

The people and their jailers have all gone gung-ho over vaccines yet they still haven’t released the people and are promising by their behaviour and actions that there’s more going to come. Why? Either vaccines work or they don’t. Clearly, they don’t! Besides, who ever heard of a vaccine for a respiratory disease?

So, take this in.

Our world has been decimated…forever.

Ivermectin is a cheap effective wonder-drug – they refuse to acknowledge its efficacy

Taffix is a prophylaxis that offers 99% prevention from colds flu pneumonia and Coronaviruses. Yet it’s hardly known about and GP’s, ignorant as they are themselves, hide fearfully from their patients.

If Covid is so contagious, how can we ever escape its clutches by the measures we’ve taken unless it’s not what it seems.

Only 3m people are said to have died. It’s nothing out of a population of 7.8bn! In the great world flu pandemic of 1918/1919 when the world population was a comparatively mere 1.8bn (almost that of China alone today) there were over 50m deaths.

Here’s a grand set of British government lies including falsifying the number of people who died from Covid which they were forced to correct. They included people who died ‘with covid’ than ‘from covid’. Anyone who tested positive (a falsity in itself which would take too long to explain here) was not to be recognized as dying from Covid. By the way it was similar in other countries. So, of the roughly 130,000 deaths we’ve been told about, 25% are deductible. That’s roughly 30,000. In their declaration the ONS have collated together all covid stats. Viruses like flu, etc., and deaths from them, happen every year in the winter months i.e late Dec. to March. We had two waves of Covid so that means 100,000/2 = 50,000. According to government there has been no flu for these two years although EVERY YEAR there are approximately 48,000 deaths from flu. Get it?

In America, hospitals were being paid $39,000 for a declared Covid death and $13,000 for a confirmed case! No wonder their numbers were so great.

And that’s not the half of it. PCR tests are acknowledged as unsuitable for anything other than detecting cancer. Sars Covi 1 will have and 17 other flu viruses have done over the decades left dead particles in our bodies. So when they do this test they’re finding remnants of them which are not current SARS-CoV-2 but they are declaring it as such. More falsehoods.

When can we ever hope for this lying and cheating to stop so that life can be returned to normal. Your chance of recovering from Covid has been identified as more than 99.9% – marginally less if you’re over 35 – by the Hart Recovery Advisory Team (Hart.org)

It’s time to end this farce, and get on with our lives. Meanwhile, get The Hague ready for what I believe will be a charge of mass murder in about 9 months time.

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The reason for us having to sleep

Did you ever wonder at the mystery of what is sometimes referred to as ‘little death’? In fact, given that life is so short, it should anger-us all, that we lose a third of our time to not being awake enjoying the wonder of existence. Isn’t it frightening to realise that it means that in a normal full life of about 70 years, we are “out of it’ for almost 23 of them!

I am the kind of person who questions everything to validate what I experience. Sleep interested me ever since I was a child and experienced dreams. Many books have been written trying to explain dreams, which I have always found dismissive. Dreams are not portents of the future.

Our brains have two areas – the temporary memory area and the permanent memory area. In fact, the brain acts similarly to a computer. That’s disturbing in itself., too. However, taking our visual parallel from computers to explain the workings of the human brain, the temporary memory is called random access memory (RAM). During our waking state, human RAM, like computers, simply record, manage and work our daily experiences from all the five senses .

But this RAM is finite – temporary – and it has to be cleared down. If it isn’t cleared down or refreshed regularly, it will simply stop functioning. When we ‘refresh’ our computers, we either turn them off or use a program that clears the excess rubbish but in doing so, has to momentarily stop actions being taken.

For humans to do this they have to sleep. Sometimes a short app can be like the set computer program mentioned and give a brief respite to the RAM but it only fills up again faster. So, we sleep to enable the temporary memory to clear down.

It does this by transferring everything it has acquired in our waking state to our brain’s permanent memory area. Of course, much of what we have to transfer – sights, sounds, smells experiences will have been repeats of what’s already be stored so the brain identifies this and has a garbage disposal area.

If we don’t clear down our temporary memory, we began to crack up. Eventually, we cease to function. The brain knows it and has the mechanism to throw a switch and turn us off; in other words, sleep. And when we do so and the transference is completed,,we awaken fresh and ready for another foray into existence.

But what about dreams and nightmares!

Here’s what happens when you’re asleep. When it happens little storage men (useful for explanation purposes here) emerge and they immediately start picking up all your RAM bits and pieces and they throw them across to the lads in permanent memory. These guys identify what they are and where to put them in long term storage.

Overseeing all this is a lookout character. He’s making sure you don’t catch them at their jobs by waking up suddenly. If you are disturbed in any way such as by a noise, he shuts down the operation. However, if you’re not in a deep enough sleep, because the information being transferred is not in any particular or sensible order, this jumble is immediately turned into a fanciful tale by your brain as you near tge awakening state. Hence, nightmares that you think wake you up but actually its you waking up during this act of clear down that makes the nightmare. If you don’t remember your dreams, you’ve successfully cleared down your temporary memory.

What I find worrying about all this is not the 27 years we give to it but how in blazes did we ever realise it as the way to develop computers? In effecting it into the existence and operation of such a sophisticated machine as a computer we have either mimicked the human brain or accidentally found this commonality between the two but in any event I believe it indicates we may yet discover that what we call living creatures and most notably humans are actually nothing more than computers.

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Will we ever go back again?

Since the outbreak of Covid over a year ago and the dystopian changes to our societies brought about by excessive governments’ instruments such as Lockdowns, mask-wearing, distancing, hand-washings, travel restrictions and myriad other intrusions into daily lives brought about by ourselves, I am fearful we will never get our rights back.

Effectively, we have moved large parts of what they, euphemistically, called ‘democracy’ toward authoritarianism or an internal level of totalitarianism or at least benign dictatorship.

So here’s where I, for one, stand. During the year…

I went to the town centre and I felt it was so awful a sight with the measures they took that my discomfort determined for me that I would rarely do so again and now I use the area only as a target to reach for and return immediately from for exercise. I will never go back again.

I went to Sainsbury supermarkerket and was so appalled at the measures they took to make my visit so uncomfortable, I will never go back again.

I went to Waitrose and felt so ‘managed’ and limited, I will never go back again.

I went to Specsavers for an eye test and and new glasses and I felt so uncomfortable at the management of my entry to the shop that I will never go back again.

I went into a home store and I was so appalled at the coldness of the welcome I will never go back again.

These are but a few and my thoughts are not levelled at them specifically. No doubt it is the same with their competitors if not worse. It is all covered by the word ‘Covid’. But I do think this is the end of politeness, good service and the end of the famous adage “the customer is always right” by the couldn’t-care-less” behaviour of businesses that once slavishly bowed to get our custom.

They won’t be going back. We’re all Amazon warriors now in our draconian measured, delivered and forewarned Orwellian 1984 state Brave New World as foretold by Aldous Huxley shortly before I was born.

This is not a world I recognise. Well you can have your global village and its idiotic behaviour and rules and stick it. These days everything can come to me. I won’t be going back. And, I suspect, you won’t ever go back again either.